About me

Hi there. I'm Matt Behrens, a.k.a. zigg.

I'm a software developer/engineer and devoted Unix fan. It all started in the early 90's when I found myself spending a lot of extracurricular time in the Unix lab at school. I brought Unix(-alikes) into my home, first with the venerable Slackware, then moving to FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Since then, I've moved back and forth between OpenBSD and Linux for my home server, and spent a lot of time using various flavors of Linux on the desktop before finally deciding that while I still loved Unix, my time was worth more than the endless fiddling I needed to keep it going—and thus I moved to OS X. Now I'm a certifiable Apple nerd, and this server runs OpenBSD on Vultr.

Professionally, I do a lot with Unix and Linux. I've worked a lot with Solaris and CentOS, engineering and developing applications for Zope, Oracle Applications, Asterisk, and many other systems. I spent a lot of time working largely in Python, though I've also worked extensively in Unix, Java, Perl, PHP, and lately (like everyone else in the world) a lot of JavaScript (via TypeScript, if I can.)

I'm all over the Web, as most are. Here is a smattering of places you can find me:

The best way to contact me is through email to matt@zigg.com. My current PGP public key is AB46823FCFBF2B13 with fingerprint E043 900F 94AF E80A 7633 65F4 AB46 823F CFBF 2B13.