Every once in awhile, I get this delusion that I'm some kind of composer or something, and I share the fruits of said delusion with the world. Here's an archive of those moments.

Unless otherwise noted, please feel free to share, copy, remix, etc. this music whenever your muse strikes you (and hopefully when your muse strikes you, it doesn't hurt as much as mine). However, please be sure to credit me when you do.

Daigasso! Band Brothers Compositions

Nintendo (of Japan) gave my inner, uhh, "composer" a new lease on life with their phenomenally cool DS music game, Daigasso! Band Brothers. I've created a tool, Daigasso! Band Brothers Save Editor, which will let you play my songs and others' in the game as well as share your own compositions with the world.

Ancient Temple BBS (2KB), Ogg Vorbis (696KB)
An original composition with a mysterious vibe. For piccolo, violin, strings, and wadaiko drums.
Canonizer BBS (2KB), Ogg Vorbis (801KB)
Very, very loosely based on Pachelbel's Canon in D -- ever heard it with an electric guitar? Mostly, I just used passsages from Canon, adding my own parts to go with. For piano, violins, D guitar, pick bass, and rock drums.

From the Tracker Era

When in high school and college, I used to play a lot with trackers such as Scream Tracker, often straddling the line between listenable and pure crap. For your amusement, here's the songs I still have.

S3M format songs are from Scream Tracker directly. Last time I used Windows, Winamp was able to play these. XMMS will play them under Linux. You may be able to find a player via the MOD FAQ, if you're lucky. Some of them play a little fast and loose with S3M, though, so you may find the song sounding worse than I intended.

The other problem with some of these is that I composed them on my 22kHz mono sound card, and as such, didn't hear the fidelity problems with some of my samples. That would not have been such a problem had I not also mixed in some higher-fidelity samples. Just keep that in mind if something makes your ear hurt. I try to.

I would like to rearrange some of these into more modern and hopefully more tasteful works sometime.

Karen's Song Ogg Vorbis (1016KB)
Written for my wife before we were married. This is actually sampled from a cassette tape, since I've long since lost the original S3M file. I feel this is easily my best song of the tracker era.
Kinesis S3M (104KB)
A bizarre combination of techno beeps, airy synthesizers, and heavy, heavy drums. Good in places, not so good in others.
Persecution of the Heretic S3M (144KB)
This is the sole finished product that came out of a fantasy story I was once working on. Well, that and a map I drew. Anyway, this piece tells the tale of a the "heretics", defiers of the state religion who were hunted down in dark alleys. One of my friends' absolute favorite pieces.
Raging Depths S3M (60KB)
Highly energetic and way too pitch-bend-happy. Still fun in-between the winces.
Second Sight S3M (216KB)
Ah yes, I must have rewritten this piece a half-dozen times... in three different programs, if my memory serves me. This one has the worst problems with sample fidelity but I had so much fun with it, it didn't matter. The theme repeats over and over again, adding more and more complementary layers. I really want to rearrange this someday.
Shattered Delusions S3M (140KB)
Give it a minute to get started, and it's pretty decent. An anonymous listener once told me it had "nice chording", whatever that means.