Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is the end

This is "the end"—and I guess it's also a little bit of a test. I received a final notice overnight indicating Google's intention to shut down (S)FTP publishing for Blogger, which I previously wrote about. I'm curious how long it will take for this post to go through, given the general lack of reliability of the publisher that I've experienced since I started this little thing here; how many people are waiting until the last minute and desperately trying to continue to post?

Because it may be awhile before I start posting again, I thought I'd spend a few moments just giving a "final" (I keep using the quotes because this definitely is not the end for my site—just this particular way of posting) update. Decidedly on-topic is that I spent some time this weekend giving teaspoon (please ignore the date on that post!) a bit of rethinking; it's getting a reincarnation in html5lib, which actually solves a number of problems that had slowed me down before—most notably a selector language. I'll be totally honest and say I don't expect a whole lot of progress any time soon, but I'm positive on the direction. So we'll see how that goes.

Since I originally talked about it, I've been singing the praises of Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx release to anyone who would listen—and many who weren't. This release is so much better than the Karmic disaster... so very, very much better. Apart from the little bumps in the road that accompany following a series of alphas, I really just cannot point to anything wrong with it. It boots faster, it's more modern, I like the way it looks... it's all good. Kudos to the team there. Looking forward to evaluating it for my home servers next.

And that's it. It's time to get to work now, but I thought maybe I'd at least try to send the journal into its hiatus with a little substance instead of just a note of administrivia. Thanks for reading, and I hope to be back soon!

MORE: Hey, it published fast! Google ought to shut down services more often! ;)

STILL MORE: I spoke too soon. Adding that last comment is taking forever!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Closing up shop... for now

You may or may not have heard of Google's decision to shut down FTP publishing for Blogger-based sites, of which mine is one. I actually use SFTP, but I still face the same deadline, recently extended to May 1.

I have no intention of moving my journal to Blogger hosting. I suppose it's a bit of idealism, but I highly value the ability to keep full control of my namespace. The choice to use Blogger was originally made due to its SFTP support, which gave me an easy route to do this. Now that that option is no longer there, I've made the decision not to continue to use Blogger.

Just to be totally clear, I don't harbor any ill will toward Google for making this decision. It was a free service that I took advantage of, and they're perfectly within their rights to choose to stop offering said service at any time. This is true for any service, which is, to complete the circle, part of the reason I value full control of my namespace so much—and I intend to keep that control as long as possible.

So, here's my plan: I'll be shutting off comments sometime this month, since they won't work without Blogger's support. I'll be taking down the Blogger toolbar at the top since I can't really count on that working either. Though I might still make one or two posts between now and then, I will make it clear in my template that the journal won't be updated anymore after the Blogger shutoff. Since the static files do live on my own hosting, I'll be able to keep the actual posts, as well as any comments made before I disassociate, indefinitely. Then, someday in the future, I'll finish putting together a self-hosted solution... like I've wanted to anyway.

And that's that, really. It was kind of fun to have a rarely-updated journal of thoughts here. I'm looking forward to rejoining the ranks at some point in the future.


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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Simple is a style all its own

Well, in light of the fact that that last style-less template was pretty much a trainwreck to read (hello long lines!) I've created a simple and hopefully more readable style.

I also discovered that somewhere down the edit line, Blogger eats leading whitespace—slowly—inside of <pre> elements. Delightful. I apologize in advance for any code snippets that lose their indentation over time.

If you take a peek at the source and note that I'm using px units, well, there's a reason for that, and that is that we lost the em/%/what-not battle ages ago. Whether it's CSS not being up to the job, browser manufacturers being sloppy, the proliferation of raster graphics, or a combination of all of the above isn't really something I'm interested in talking about today, but just know that I came to the conclusion that I should be working in px from here on out with a heavy heart. I do have some other ideas for dealing with variably-sized screens, though, and someday I shall tell you all about them!

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't worry, I'm a professional

Yes, I'm aware that at present, zigg/journal has become pretty much entirely unstyled. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing—or at least can fake it convincingly. What I'm up to is working out a template I can later use for the entirety of zigg.com. Look for little bits of style to appear in the near future, starting with a proper sidebar.

One change I did make: the titles of posts are all links to said post now, for easy copy/pasting. To be honest, I've never been impressed with the convention of stuffing the link to the post in the post signature, as the time. Completely nonintuitive, to say nothing of the option Blogger had to let me make my post title link to some other site entirely.


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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome to the circus

Ah, yes, the introductory blog post. Except this isn't a blog, it's a journal. You'd do well to remember that. I'm not particularly fond of the word "blog", but I won't blanch too much if you call it a blog.

This is sort of a milestone for me. You see, I'm a perfectionist. You may be surprised to hear that if you've seen some of my lower-quality output—but that's not really what I'm so much of a perfectionist about. I've been meaning to start this journal for years, but I had this idea in my head that I wasn't going to until I could write my own blogging software.

It wasn't even that the world wasn't full of good blogging software; it was just that the world was full of blogging software that I didn't think was, well, perfect enough for me. But this week, as part of my self-imposed perfectionism therapy, I decided I was just going to go for the Path of Least Resistance and set up a Blogger account. (It's not like I compromised totally. I wouldn't be using Blogger except that it can publish under my own domain name, actually. But that's a topic for another day...)

So, here we are. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and duck lest the clichéd closing-introductory statement knock you on the noggin!


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