Friday, March 5, 2010

Closing up shop... for now

You may or may not have heard of Google's decision to shut down FTP publishing for Blogger-based sites, of which mine is one. I actually use SFTP, but I still face the same deadline, recently extended to May 1.

I have no intention of moving my journal to Blogger hosting. I suppose it's a bit of idealism, but I highly value the ability to keep full control of my namespace. The choice to use Blogger was originally made due to its SFTP support, which gave me an easy route to do this. Now that that option is no longer there, I've made the decision not to continue to use Blogger.

Just to be totally clear, I don't harbor any ill will toward Google for making this decision. It was a free service that I took advantage of, and they're perfectly within their rights to choose to stop offering said service at any time. This is true for any service, which is, to complete the circle, part of the reason I value full control of my namespace so much—and I intend to keep that control as long as possible.

So, here's my plan: I'll be shutting off comments sometime this month, since they won't work without Blogger's support. I'll be taking down the Blogger toolbar at the top since I can't really count on that working either. Though I might still make one or two posts between now and then, I will make it clear in my template that the journal won't be updated anymore after the Blogger shutoff. Since the static files do live on my own hosting, I'll be able to keep the actual posts, as well as any comments made before I disassociate, indefinitely. Then, someday in the future, I'll finish putting together a self-hosted solution... like I've wanted to anyway.

And that's that, really. It was kind of fun to have a rarely-updated journal of thoughts here. I'm looking forward to rejoining the ranks at some point in the future.


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