Sunday, August 30, 2009

A tribute to Chris Short, resurrector of Palms

I was about ready to give up on my beloved Palm LifeDrive—which was already a refurbed replacement for the original—as it had recently kicked the bucket, refusing to turn on just like the last one and many others I've heard reports of. It was way out of even the extended warranty I'd bought. So I carefully extricated my data and started using an old Sony CLIÉ PEG-S320 to keep my life in order.

But then I heard of a man named Chris Short of Mankato, Minnesota. His reputation preceded him; many people had already sent off all sorts of Palm handhelds to him and found joy in their little computers once more. So I shot him an e-mail—you can reach him yourself at ips@chartermi.net—and, perhaps unsurprisingly due to the rather widespread occurrence of the problem I was experiencing, he knew exactly what was up and how to fix it. (He also offered a MicroDrive-to-Flash conversion for an additional $50, but I declined for now.)

I sent my little LifeDrive off with a check for $49 via Priority Mail and got it back in one week. Chris had fixed it up same day. And, joy of joys, it works again! Chris said in our initial exchange that what happens with the LifeDrive is that the ROM chips have cold solder joints. He resolders the chips in place and applies an adhesive that he says Palm should have applied in the first place that's supposed to protect against a repeat occurrence. Obviously, I've not had it long enough to see if this holds; but I already feel like I'm in better hands.

Amusingly, the night I was working on restoring my data to the LifeDrive, it apparently spontaneously rebooted on me before I'd even had a chance to install my apps back. My heart leapt into my throat. As it turned out later, though, it's karmic's fault. Not Chris's.

It's good to have my constant companion back again.


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