Thursday, February 5, 2009

The continuing adventures of Matt the consumer

Our third (yes, third) WALL-E DVD arrived today, from Disney. We bought the 3-disc edition (aren't we suckers? I love special features, maybe a little too much) back in December, then exchanged it shortly thereafter when I discovered that while all the special features worked, the actual movie did not. When that replaceme had the same problem, I sent disc 1 off to Disney, who swapped it for a 1-disc edition—in the box and all—which plays mostly okay except that our main-floor player
  1. re-plays the movie immediately after it ends,
  2. will not play the Presto short, preferring instead to jump into a scene near the beginning of the movie, and
  3. will not play the BURN-E short, preferring instead to show an endless black screen.
Just, ugh. Our original disc played these features fine, just not the movie. And this time, all the other players in our house do actually work... so I'm debating whether to call Disney again and risk another bad disc.

On the broken-bike front, I called up Dick's Sporting Goods' corporate offices today. A nice lady named Kim is going to make sure I get what is needed to fix my bike. She exuded a much stronger sense of "our company is functioning" than Phoenix did, and fell silent when I made any comments on my theory that Phoenix is probably not going to be a going concern much longer. It leads me to suspect she—and others inside Dick's—have already arrived at that conclusion. But yes, I'm hoping to be pedaling again soon!


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